Dirty Kisses

Music and lyrics by Jessica Wolff, Pat Phoenix, Joakim Övrenius, Thomas Karlsson and Eric Gast
Produced and mixed by Jimmy Westerlund
Additional production by Pat Phoenix, Eric Gast, Joakim Övrenius, and Tom Diekmeier
Guitars by Emanuel Sandgren and Jimmy Westerlund
Bass and guitars by Johan Glössner
Drums by Bobo Ölander
Keyboards and programming by Jimmy Westerlund, Pat Phoenix and Joakim Övrenius
Backing vocals by Pat Phoenix, Jimmy Westerlund, Geir Rönning
Recorded at On The Verge Studios, RMV studios Stockholm, Sweden and Lucky7 Studios, LA
Technical engineering Linn Fijal (RMV), Ludvig Nylund (Lucky7 Studios)
Mastered by Oasis Mastering